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ASEA 细胞氧化还原信号分子, ASEA cell redox signal molecules,   
posted on 2020-06-29 13:23:38

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ASEA 细胞氧化还原信号分子, ASEA cell redox signal molecules,
Beauty/ Health Care / Healthcare
Price : RM 388.00
State : Kuala Lumpur
Description :
ASEA 细胞氧化还原信号分子, 现实是没有与我们的ASEA产品相比的产品。我们的氧化还原中心已通过FDA,cGMP,NSF和NSF Sport认证,从而证明了我们标签上的声明一致性。现实情况是,由于这些产品的简单性,许多其他氧化还原产品不会在市场上长期存在。


ASEA REDOX产品有所不同。对我们而言,REDOX意味着:



ASEA cell redox signal molecules, the reality is that there are no products classified with our ASEA products. Our redox center has passed FDA, cGMP, NSF and NSF Sport certification, thus proving the consistency of the claims on our labels. The reality is that due to the simplicity of these products, many other redox products will not exist on the market for a long time.
REDOX: ASEA is different

ASEA REDOX products are different. For us, REDOX means:

Products certified to contain active redox signal molecules
A unique breakthrough technology that supports cell health
A patented method that reorganizes molecules of purified salt and purified water into redox molecules similar to those naturally present in the body
Increased gene expression in important adaptive signaling pathways, and clinical studies have been conducted for this purpose
Products that have undergone safety testing, quality assurance and consumer recognition
In addition, our RENU28 and RENUAdvanced products utilize the same proprietary technology as ASEA products and are still used locally. They are very effective cosmetic products that have been proven to improve skin texture and reduce signs of aging, including the appearance of wrinkles.

For ten years, products based on ASEA redox have been in a leading position in the category we created. Although we are extremely proud of this-and you are proud of our competitive position and breakthrough products, we will never stay in this incredible history. Today, as new competitors will certainly emerge, our vision remains to be a global leader in cell health and redox-based technology.

We look forward to sharing more information about science, technology, the redox competition area and ASEA (and you)'s position in this area.

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